Set decor rental from 1700 up to today         
  • Pera, Beyoğlu, Galata, Galata liman, Karaköy, Stud farm, Riding school, Forest road, Caravanserai, Dervish lodge, Dolmabahçe Palace
  • English Consolate, Russian Consolate, German Consolate
  • Various Turkish, German, English, Russian interiors and exteriors  
  • Horse-drawn trams

    Costumes and Props from the same Periods

  • 6 thousand + costumes of officers, soldiers, the wealthy and the indigent of every nationality
  • Large-small scale accessories, guns, various busts and statues     
  • Figures such as lions, dragons etc.  

Other services        
  • 300 m2 tailor’s        
  • Washhouse
  • Refectory with a capacity for 250 people    
  • Decor and accessory production of every kind
  • Supporting actor and extra support (3000 people)     
  • 400 kw lighting
  • Art and prop crew (25 people)
  • Canteen and refreshment kiosk    
  • Transportaion and shuttle services    
  • Accommodation support      
  • Technical assistance